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I am Andi, a Graphic Designer and Digital Artist passionate about psychedelic art, 3D, digital painting and travel photography.

After a successful career in IT support, infrastructure & management, I decided to reorient my life around my passions and pursue a more creative lifestyle. Computer art is my way to combine my love for artistic designs and my passion for new technologies.

For me, life is all about exploration of our worlds, whether it be our outside world or our inner world. Why did I call my website hypnotic design? Maybe because I studied hypnosis as a way to explore my inner realms, while travel photography, hiking and freediving are my way of exploring the beautiful outside environment that surrounds us. I am very happy to share my vision with you as those solo explorations are not meant to remain only in my eyes and my mind.


This website is my creative portfolio, I hope you will enjoy traveling into my world.

Feel free to contact me if you need some mesmerizing art or design:-)

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